Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 Hong Kong COSMOPROF participation !

Hello Everyone!

This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

We have an exciting news of participation in 14th Asia COSMOPROF in Hong Kong. Our cosmetic circle lens were on display &
drew "HUGE" interests of beauty trend leaders from around the world.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

21 New TORIC lenses & 5 New PINK lenses!

Hi, Everyone! This is Hiromi from Seoul at

I can't wait to let you all familiarized with what has been freshly updated to our products ~*

Introducing 21 NEW TORIC Circle Lenses!!

For more details or to start shopping,click here!

.....Also we have 5 New PINK lenses that you'll be instantly fascinated with^^

To check out Pink Lenses,click here!

e-Circle's lineups are all from leading contact lens manufacturers in Korea and are KFDA approved.
We send out all lenses directly from South Korea!.
Business Hour:Mon.~Fri.10:00am to 6:00M (Korea Time)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Korean Thanksgiving Holiday

Hello Everyone! This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

Korea is expecting its own thansgiving holiday ,which is schedueld to start from September 21 to 23.

Thanks to upcoming to 3-day holiday, it is going to affect your after-order procedures including dispatchment and delivery as most manufactuers, customs and forwarders during the period will not work and thus the whole process be delayed.

We need your keen attention to these early notice and ask for kind understanding when you order.

Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to all!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dali or Monet?

Hello Everyone!

This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

One of maufacturer, Neo Vision has many natual looking circle lenses such as , Dali Brown, Dali Extra Brown, Dali II amd Monet Brown.....and a lot of our customers seems to be confused when it comes to "how natural, and which on looks the most natural??" we put 4 lens pictures side by side to compare the differece.

Well, Dali Extra Brown has the largest enlarging effect, and makes your eyes look slightly lighter when you have dark brown eyes.

Dali Brown, which has leaet colored part, is best when it comes to oxygen supply to your eyes, and does not change your eye color.

Dali II 's edge is not so sharp as other Dali series, so I would say this one will make your eyes look really naturally bigger, as if you are not wearing circle leses...and yes, this one make your eyes look slightly lighter when you have dark brown eyes, just like Dali Extra Brown.

OK, then Monet Brown....this one's diameter of colored part is really small, people with big eyes (iris) might not see any eye enlarging effect. Monet Brown is for those who has small eyes and want to give a little lighter effect.

Above Neo Vision lenses can be made into BC8.4, 8.6 and 8.8 with no extra charge.
Please note! It is REALLY REALLY important to know your prescription.....even though you don't need any eye sight correction, you have to wear lenses that will FIT your eyes.
For more information, please see our FAQ by clicking below link!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Circle lens for Green eyes

Hello Everyone!

This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

Our model, Heju, is a Korean and she has dark brown eyes, but we know that a lot of our customers are not Asian and have difficult time figuring out how those lenses will look when they wear it......

So today we'll give you some idea of how circle lenses will look on Caucasian eyes.

Our Caucasian model, Angela is from Russia and she has green eyes.

And this is her wearing
Marie Violet.

Also, here are some samples for wearing Black and Brown lenses;

And now, our favorite is Violet from Australia!

This time she is trying on
Belita Blue and Super Star Blue !

She also has lovely big green eyes.....

so cute, you really want to check out her blog!!

Violet's BLOG.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pink Lenses have arrived!

Hello Everyone!

This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

Now we have Pink Lenses at!

◆Belita Pink (0.00 only....)

◆Tiara Pink (also 0.00 only....)

◆Clear Color Breeze Pink ( up to power -5.00)

Year, you can't really see Pink Color when you wear them on dark brown eyes, but it can make you feel special!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Important Notice To All Customers

Hello Everyone!

This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

This is VERY VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE to all of our customers!

Before placing an order, please check your country's laws and regulations on personally importing soft contact lens.

Also as we stated on our FAQ below; FAQ

please make sure to see a doctor before ordering a contact lens to be sure if you are a good candidate for a colored contact lens, to get proper instructions, and to receive follow up care as well as to receive your prescriptions.

Thank you very much!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello Everyone!

This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

We had a photo shooting for new lenses last Saturday.
Our model, Heju is actually not a full time model,
she works at a bank during weekdays so we usually
have photo shootings on Saturday.

This is her new hair style.

We shot 12 new lenses, and took us about 1 hour.

Remember how she takes off and put in lenses so quickly?!

Spring has come to this is her this year's spring look (^_^)
BTW, don't you think she's lost a lot of weight??
......yap, she broke up with her boyfriend...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Violet's review on Circle Lenses Part 2

Hello Everyone!

This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

Do you remember Violet from Australia??

We truly loved her last tutorial,
(click here )
so we sent her 2 more pairs of lenses know, Violet!!

This time she did a video on "how to take good care of your circle lesnes", which we also think is very very very important.

As we repeat in this blog as well as on our FAQ, it is sooooo important to wash your hands, wash your lenses and wash your lens case.

We don't recommend to wear circle lenses everyday because the colored part will block the oxygen supply to your eyes.
Also never wear your lenses longer than 8 hours a day.
Please remove lenses whenever you feel disconfort.

Anyway please watch Violet's post, and it will be really nice to share the knowledge of lens care!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Guess what this is??

Hello Everyone!

This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

Guess what this is??

This is a magnifying glass for soft contact lens!

One day about 4 years ago we went to one manufactur's plant
and found this gigantic magnifying glass.

It's not usually sold at store, so we were very fascinated by this....

you know, when we receive defective lenses from our customer
we want to see what was wrong.

So we asked the manufacturer and after a few months we finally
received one.

Not even optical stores in Seoul has one...but we do!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Review from Violet in Australia

Hello Everyone!
This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

An Australian Hime-Gyaru, Violet LeBeaux is one of our customer and she did a super cute review on some of our products!!

if you don't know what "Hime-Gyaru" is then click here to find out
Hime-Gyaru shop La Paphet

OK, this is Violet here!

She has green eyes and trying on Walkure Brown ,
Aryan Ring Circle, and Angel EX Green.

So Check out her wonderful blog here!!

Violet's BLOG.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Yap! Now we do have GEO lenses

Hello Everyone!
This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

We've received many request for GEO lenses........

CTS Brown

CTS Gray

CTS Blue

CTS Violet

Yes, we do know GEO lenses are pretty popular, but
to be honest, our model, Heju is actually allergic to
GEO hurts her eyes so bad, she can't wear
them at all.

Anyway because CTS series are pretty popular so
we decided to list them on our site, and we took
some pictures of them.....real quick......
but as you can see, Heju looks like she is crying....

To tell the truth, I myself does not like GEO lenses
because they are thick and not really confortable to wear,
but we would like our customers to be happy, so
we decided to list only the CTS sereis.

I do like how CTS Blue look on brown eyes though.

CTS Brown and Gray are called
"Honey Wing" and "Ash Wing" in Japan,
but those names are contracted to one Japanese shop

and so we don't use those names to promote our products
because we never violate other company's copy write...
that's just not our style.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Check out our 18 NEW Circle Lenses!

Hello Everyone!
This is Hiromi from

Yep! 18 new circle lenses!

We've been receiving a lot of inquiries on those lenses
so we jsut added to our site all at once!

Especially, this
Ice Flower Gray got many request
because they said that this is the one that the Korean

"Dong Bang Shin Gi"'s lead vocal is wearing these days.......

we called the manufacturer to confirm the fact,
and they said that is true (^_^)

They are on Sale now, so if you are interested,
please check out our site!

SUMMER SALE EVENT  Content: On all orders over $ 80.00 will be free shipping. Mechanics : Buy $ 80.00 worth of e-circlelens pro...