Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Violet's review on Circle Lenses Part 2

Hello Everyone!

This is Hiromi from e-circlelens.com in Seoul, Korea.

Do you remember Violet from Australia??

We truly loved her last tutorial,
(click here http://violetlebeaux.com/2010/02/violet-vision-reviewtutorial-circle-lenses-from-e-circlelens/ )
so we sent her 2 more pairs of lenses in.....you know, Violet!!

This time she did a video on "how to take good care of your circle lesnes", which we also think is very very very important.

As we repeat in this blog as well as on our FAQ, it is sooooo important to wash your hands, wash your lenses and wash your lens case.

We don't recommend to wear circle lenses everyday because the colored part will block the oxygen supply to your eyes.
Also never wear your lenses longer than 8 hours a day.
Please remove lenses whenever you feel disconfort.

Anyway please watch Violet's post, and it will be really nice to share the knowledge of lens care!!

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