Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween Day, D-1

1 day left til Halloween Day!
What's your plan for 31 October?
Will you be yelling "Trick or Treat!" ?
Dress up your costume, go out and have fun evening!
Don't forget to brush your teeth after having sweets ;)
Enjoy Freaky Halloween Friday
See scary eyes with special white lenses from e-circlelens for Halloween▼
CP-F1 White
White Mesh
Blood Splat
Solid White
White is not just 1 @
Find variety in white with us:)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Unpublished Video of Our Model Shooting

The loveliest model, Lizz of e-circlelens! (◕‿◕✿)
This video was takes secretly a year ago,
but couldn't just keep it for ourselves.
Enjoy this cute girl's gestures and SMILE together :)
We ♡ your eyes

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Unbelievable Newsʕ•̫͡•ོʔ

The Greatest Deal for 4 Days Only

  10 Types of Naruto Lenses from ICK will be available @ US$30.00!!
ICK Naruto-01 Three Wheel Eyes for Cosplay
ICK Naruto-03 Three Wheel Eyes 2 for Cosplay
ICK Naruto-04 Itachi 1 for Cosplay
ICK Naruto-05 Itachi 2 for Cosplay
ICK Naruto-06 Kakashi 1 for Cosplay
ICK Naruto-07 Madara 1 for Cosplay
ICK Naruto-08 Madara 2 for Cosplay
ICK Naruto-09 Madara 3 for Cosplay
ICK Naruto-10 Sasuke 1 for Cosplay
ICK Naruto-11 Sasuke 2 for Cosplay

 People who hasn't prepared anything for Halloween yet,
People who loves Anime Naruto,
MUST COME & SEE All the cosplayers out there,

  You don't wanna miss this unbelievable chance!!!

This event is from 16 October to 19 October, ONLY.
 Check Out

  We  your eyes

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

@ the Global Festival in Itaewon

I went to Global Food Festival held in place called Itaewon a few days ago, with my best girl friends♡
We had so much fun and enjoyed so many kinds of food from lots of different countries.
So I wanted to share my story and pictures with you x)

A nice guy making Kebab for us!

Interesting food... but forgot the name :(
Food from Africa (pork + rice)
Was really delicious!!

Look at this lovely puppy on shoulder!!>-<
She (he?) seems like enjoying her time, too!
Flags look beautiful with sky & sunset

Disco time with crowd!

I could run away from my stress by having wonderful time here with friends.
Go and get yourself a refreshment too, like me! =D
▶Refreshment by changing your eyecolor◀

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