Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween Day, D-1

1 day left til Halloween Day!
What's your plan for 31 October?
Will you be yelling "Trick or Treat!" ?
Dress up your costume, go out and have fun evening!
Don't forget to brush your teeth after having sweets ;)
Enjoy Freaky Halloween Friday
See scary eyes with special white lenses from e-circlelens for Halloween▼
CP-F1 White
White Mesh
Blood Splat
Solid White
White is not just 1 @
Find variety in white with us:)

Sunmi (a member of Wondergirls) Style and Makeup ☆

Today's post is about Sunmi's styles who is a member of Wondergirls now! =]  Speaking of her career as a singer, In January...