Collector's Item

Hello Everyone!
This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

Don't you want to have all of them ??
These are our "Blendys" triple colored lenses in 10 different shades.
I have one in "
Oak Brown".

This is "Oak Brown" when our model Heju wears it.


  1. I have ordered contacts from your site before and I love them! I think these new colored ones are really cool, but why do they only come in plano (0.00) ? I need prescription lenses so I won't be trying any of these. :(

  2. Hello Nat. Thank you for your comment! I know, I wish those "Blendys" comes in prescription too....the manufacturer only mede them as plano (0.00)(--) Anyway we are so glad to hear that you like your lenses!

  3. i love the oak brown colour! im a circle lens fanatic n i would love to add those in my collection, but i understand that these are sold out?
    will there be a restock?

  4. Dear kittyeatdog! Thank you for your commnet! The manufacturer of the "Blendys" has stopped producing these design. We still have some of them in stock but the "Oak Brown" is sold out.
    And we saw your blog!! How funny your blog design is exactlly the same as ours!! Your circle lens collection is amazing and you look nice wearing them (^_^)

  5. oh dear.
    as of now, my favourite pair of lenses are my nudy browns. I just can't seem to find lenses that have a 'cool' brown colour similar to that or nudy browns and i suppose i was hoping that blendys oak brown would be my next splurge, cause its exactly what im looking for.
    thanks anyways. =)


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