Illuminating Seoul

Hello Everyone!
This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

Right accross from our office there is a Sinsegae department store, the oldest department store in Korea.

They have really nice holiday illumination and this year it's so pretty that we took some pictures of it when it's 20F degrees out.

It sure is COLD here in Seoul, but it's worth going out at night!
Don't you think??


  1. definitely. id love to see that with my own eyes. how beautiful!! x

  2. Happy Holidays heartofpearl!
    and soon, Akemashite Omedetoh!
    May the Year 2010 be an extra nice one to you!

  3. ah that's gorgeous !!! must be more beautiful in person

  4. Dear Kim, Yes, it is...wish you can come visit Seoul to see it soon (^^)


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