Monday, October 21, 2013

☆ GBT Brown, Gray, Hazel ☆

☆ GBT Brown ,Gray, Hazel ☆

Color: Brown, Gray, Hazel
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1. GBT Brown :


2. GBT Gray :


3. GBT Hazel :

Water Content38%Using Cycle Period1 year
Approved byCE, KFDA
0.00~-5.00(0.25step), -5.00~-6.00(0.50step),
No -0.25, -0.75

All contact lenses which distribute are authorized by KFDA(Korea Food and Drug Administration), however, all products must be used and treated properly, or otherwise may cause damage to your eyes. In order to use color contact lenses safely and comfortably, please receive an optical check up at your ophthalmologist before use, and follow all given instructions.

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