Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The most read posting by our readers in year 2014!

Here we reupload the posting that most loved,
and shared by our customers in last year 2014!

Because everyone has its own star sign,
people might were more interested and into this posting!

★Hope everyone enjoy reading it again★
Eyes for each Star Sign drawn by the artist Slaughterose

Zodiac Eye-Chart by artist Slaughterose

Slaughterose designed this beautiful Zodiac Eye-Chart with makeup and eye shapes for each of the 12 signs. Libra is actually based on her own eyes and rest of the drawings are based on traits and colors traditionally associated with each individual sign.

Fabulous artwork!

Here are recommended lenses for your star signs according to Slaughterose's drawing.

Virgo → http://www.e-circlelens.net/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=134&category=004 Magic Blue Black
Aries → http://www.e-circlelens.net/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=255&category=002 I fax A21 Brown
Pisces → http://www.e-circlelens.net/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=858&category=004 Soony Blue
Leo → http://www.e-circlelens.net/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=780&category=004 Amor Blue
 Libra → http://www.e-circlelens.net/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=904&category=004Joy Blue
Scorpio → http://www.e-circlelens.net/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=823&category=015 Pearl black
Gemini → http://www.e-circlelens.net/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=682&category=005 Sky 3 Violet
Sagitarious → http://www.e-circlelens.net/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=180&category=005 Dali Extra Violet
Cancer → http://www.e-circlelens.net/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=393&category=011 INNO color Green
Capricorn → http://www.e-circlelens.net/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=759&category=004 Stella Blue
Aquarius → http://www.e-circlelens.net/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=839&category=019 Klara Gray
Taurus → http://www.e-circlelens.net/shop/goods/goods_view.php?goodsno=906&category=011 Joy Green

Hope you found lenses that match your eyes beautifully & perfectly!

We have every lens you look for... ♡

 We  your eyes

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