[Summer Dessert]Amorino Gelato: Flower Ice Cream

So hot today!!ㅠㅠ
Since I am very sensitive to the heat,
during summer,
I can't leave without ice cream.
Wishing you (including myself) to bear the heat,
I would like to introduce Ice Cream Store.
Amorino Gelato offers Italian gelato, seved with a spatula
without limits in the choice of flavours.
Also, they are famous for Flower ice cream♡
Click the photos, you can go to their main web page.


Here is their facebook:  
You found the one in NY here:
For fun,
why don't you participate in
our event to get a free pair of circle lenses.
I believe it's the nice start for fun and enjoyable summer. hehe
These circle lenses are the most popular
having beautifu shades of 3 tones.
Guess right, Get them!


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