Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Turtleneck is back♡

Alright, what should I do for upcoming winter? lol 
I believe that all I need is a TURTLENECK★
I am so excited that a turtleneck is still hot~! 
Turtlenecks keep me so warm and cozy, look polished and make great gifts, 
so there is no doubt that I am a huge fan!  

Before checking out, I wanted to look around more! 
Let's get started with me! 

Black turtleneck~! 


White turtleneck~! 


As a matter of fact, my favorite is gray! lol 

OH! Long turtleneck sweater looks too cozy~! 


Turtleneck vest top? 
It will add a layer of warmth,
when the weather turns cool or the air conditioning is up too high! 

I do hate cold winter but love turtleneck sweater! lol

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