Tuesday, January 26, 2016

SNSD Bag Collection

I would like to share SNSD's bag collection today! 
What bags SNSD pick for their styles? 

Taeyeon and Tiffany wore Louisquatorze mini cross bags. 


What do you want to choose Green or Red bag? 
I will pick red bag! =]  

Emerald Green Mini Cross Bag
Vibrant Red Mini Cross Bag! 
I prefer red one as Tiffany! 
Yoona picked black bag of Lovecat. 
Black shoulder bag can be used as clutch too. 
Black bags go well with every kind of styles. 

Adorable yellow mini bag from RosaK was picked by cute girl, Taeyeon! 
The yellow bag adds vividness to her look! 

What about Mint bag? hehe


Sooyoung chose Coach! 
Mini cross bag made her look so cute and kawaii,
even though she's so tall.♡ 


Love SNSD♡

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