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Hush Brown Contacts (CQB220)

★Pretty floral-designed Circle Lens!! Hush Brown Circle Lenses would come into blossom in your eyes. Fatastic shades of gold & red brown! 
Using Cycle Period : 1 Year 
DIA  : 14.2
BC : 8.7

 Made in                      Korea
Code :drhc123
Manufacturer :Dreamcon
Brand :Dreamcon [Brandshop]
Customer's Evaluation :★★★★★

$ 15.00

Do you like Sparrows? They have very cute black eyes!! Those circle lenses add cute & vibrant black into your eyes like sparrows. Highly recommendable black  circle lenses for enlargement effect!!
Using Cycle Period : 1 Year 
DIA :  14.2
BC:     8.7

Made inKorea
Code :drhc121
Manufacturer :Dreamcon
Brand :Dreamcon [Brandshop]
Customer's Evaluation :★★★★★
Price                                       $ 15.00

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