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Biggest of All

Hello Everyone! This is Hiromi from e- circlelens .com in Seoul, Korea. We receive a lot of questions like, " do you have DIA15.5mm circle lens ?" " which one is the biggest ??" So, today we will show you the actual picture of our top 3 biggest circle lenes. OK, when you talk about the size of circle lenses, "Walkure" is the champion! Look how big the lens is!! However, when you want to give impact or more doll like look , then "Candy" is the one for you! This one is actually advertized as DIA15.5mm lens in Japan , which they push the lens flat and measure the diameter. Then our long time best seller, "Angel EX". This one has more natural look , blending your real eye color with its design, yet give you defined big eyes effect. So, if you are looking for "Super Big" effect then check out those 3 designs. Or better yet, click below lens name for a quick look ! * Wa