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Decoration Parts

Decoration Parts Hello, I'm Hiromi from   in Seoul, Korea. Do you have any decoration parts? Beginning next month, if you order any lenses , you can get it. Please wait!, Coming soon! :D βyё βyё..._〆(。・ω・。 )ノシ


STAR TEARS LINER : ) Hello, I'm Hiromi from   in Seoul, Korea. Do you want to have glittering eyes ? Try this star tears liner becuase it does just that.   ♥. ♥ You will enjoy beautiful make up with circle lens and this liner. GO!!! Hurry up!!! ;-)

A special & cute DORAEMON bread

A special & cute  DORAEMON  bread Hello, I'm Hiromi from   in Seoul, Korea. I've got a special & cute DORAEMON bread from a friend. : )  I can't eat it. 友達から、超かわいいドラえもんベビーカステラをもらったよ!  食べるのがもったいないなぁ~ Have a nice weekend!

★Big sale for New Year★

★Big sale for New Year★ Hello, everyone. :-)  This is Hiromi from   in Seoul, Korea. We have such good news for you guys. Finally, is having a big sale for New Year. This sale is from Jan 1 st through 13 th , 2013. 1. Free gift ① Buy over $130.00 + N o Delivery Charge + Star Tear Liner ② Buy over $80.00 + C ontact Lens Remover ③ Buy over $50.00 + Travel Kit Flower 2. Buy Best 10 lens + Multi Purpose Solution Mini Bottle (40ml) + Lens Case (while limited quantities last) 3. Automatic lens cleaner is on a half-off sale ( 50%). Please kindly hurry and don’t’ miss this amazing deal. Thank you so much and happy New Year.