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Daily Care and Usage of Toric Lenses

I would like to share good tips for you! "Daily care and usage of Toric Lense" The proper way to care for your lenDaily disposable torics are said to be the most convenient when it comes to caring for your contacts. They do not require any extra care products like solutions and cases. Those who wear extended-wear lenses should properly clean and disinfect their lenses daily and try not to expose themselves to too much smoke, chemicals, etc. Overnight wearers do not necessarily need to clean or disinfect their lenses daily, but nothing is wrong with this practice. Regardless of whether your lenses have been customized for color or multifocal functions, your doctor should have specific care instructions for you to take home. Usually you soak your lenses in a solution made for cleaning and disinfecting, followed by a depends on which type of toric lens you wear.

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