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K-Pop Star's Hime Cut Hairstyles

One of hottest hairstyle trends among Korean girl group is Hime Cut! Haven't you heard of it before? It's a hairstyle consisting of straight, usually cheek-length sidelocks and frontal fringe.  The rest of the hair is usually worm long and straight.  For more details about it, please click here! =]  Irene's Hime Cut! Of course, there are no hairstyles that don't fit on her! She really looks like a princess! Yuju is a member of Girl Friend which is a six-member girl group and  won several 2015 female rookie awards.   I would like to say that she is the prettiest member. lol  She tried wavy hime cut hairstyle~★  It goes well with doll like makeup with pale skin~★  What about this combination of hime cut and ombre!  Is it great too?!!  While looking at the below pic,  I happen to think that it bothers my cheek a lot! haha Need tips for Hime Cut styling? Click the video!