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Wating for Spring ♡

Spring is coming  YEAH :)   I am deadly waiting for Spring!  Hate cold weather!!   Amor Sereis  is  Super Lovely Pastel Color Contacts! Comfortable feeling with long hours!   As hoping spring is coming so soon, I am posting Amor Sereis ♡    ♡    Amor Violet Contacts Secret and Feminine Color    Soft and Thin Lenses (water content 43 %, 1 year disposal)       Amor Green Contacts Adorable Green Mint Eyes  Soft and Thin Lenses (water content 43 %, 1 year disposal)     Amor Blue Contacts Not too Blue, quite Natural Color  Soft and Thin Lenses (water content 43 %, 1 year disposal)     We have other colors, Click Photos to Brown Gray   Have a lovely day, Girls ♡   We ❤ your eyes  

Love Multi Color Nails ♡

How are you doing, girls? Nowadays, Korea is pretty cold ! What about your country? :)    Speaking of nail design, A balance of multi color combination could create unique and hilarious result!   So, Let's have a look!   Multi green color nails!   Shiny and mysterious looking! Amazing color combination!                                    On our Web Site, has 3 Color Contacts!   Blending well with almost eyes! Mysterious and Unique but still Natural looking!    Many customers do love them Adding a tip 'Green is the best'  :)   ♡   Neo 3 Color Green Contacts Toric and Hyperopia are also available (Water Content: 45%, 1 Year Disposal)     Neo 3 Color Gray Contacts Toric and Hyperopia are also avaliable No Blurrness (Water Content: 45%, 1 Year Disposal)     Neo 3 Color Violet Contacts Toric and Hyperopia are also avaliable   (Water Content: 45%, 1 Year Disposal)

Today's Theme Is "BLACK"

  Do you love  " Black " ? My favorite color is always " Black "!    Especially when I choose color for my nail, Black won't let me down ever ♡   Why don't you put stud on your nail? When you want to be tough :)   You could have stars on your nail. Unique Style !  What about "Black-Colored Contacts?"  To enlarge your eyes in a very natural way? Black-Colored Contacts is the best choice!!     Aryan Ring Circle Your eyes become bigger but still natrual! Using Cycle Period: 1 Year   Pure Black Contacts Soft and comfortable to wear! Using Cycle Priod: 6 Month        Pure Black Contacts Bright and vivid color! (Best Seller) Using Cycle Period: 6 Month     Do you have fun with "Black-Colored Contacts"? :)   Nail Series To be continued  ♡     We ❤ your eyes   

Who is Emma Watson Dating?

  Have you heard that  Emma Watson and Prince Harry are dating? They have hit if off ~ ♡    I was wondering what aspects in her take his heart??   By wearing different color contacts she can give variety images to him? :)   Truth be told, Men always love to meet a new woman. lol     Only due to eye color she looks totally different!   Who knows? If you wear color contacts, you could meet a prince ♡     Let's take a look at Blue Color Contacts !   3 Color Ardor Blue Contacts ( Mini ) Adorable looking! Using Cycle Period: 1 Year!   3 Color Ardor Blue Contacts ( Big ) Amazing enlarging effect!       Sky 3 Blue Contacts Unique and cool blue color! Using Cycle Period: 1 Year!   We ❤ your eyes  

2015 Oscar Red Carpet Dresses :)

 Girls!! Did you catch 2015 Oscar? As always, I look forward to red carpet dresses!    Among many dresses, green-colored dresses captured my eyes!! Super awesome they are!!     Petricia Arquette looks elegant and stunning with her green dress! She is the best dresser to me!!     Scarlett Johansson's dress is also awesome as well. Dark and deep green color makes her look more beautiful.     Their dresses go well with their eye color!!   So!! I set green color contacts for you! :)   Neo 3 Color Green Contacts "Color and design is very pretty!" For both of toric and hyperotia.   Marie Green Contacts "Comfortable and natural looking!"       We ❤ your eyes      


The sweetest girl group in korea  " Girl's Day " Let's take a look at their shiny eyes! :) Plz, follow our recommendation! For girl's day syle colorlens! Aida Brown Contacts It makes your eyes bigger!! Stella Brown Contacts It looks very natural with a subtile enlarging effect! Pure Black Contacts You would have vivid eyes♥ Ariyan Ring Circle Contacts   We ❤ your eyes