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[Best Circle Lenses Sale] Up To %80%, Only $8.00 For A Pair of Neo 3 Tone Circle Contact Lenses

Hello, circle lens lovers! =]   Here is the best deals for those who love wearing circle lenses  for cosplaying or glamorous eye-makeup looks♡ Speaking of Neo 3 tone colored contact lenses on sale, they have so natural shades of 3 colors that you can see how perfectly they blend with your eyes.  Plus, if you have difficulty in finding thin and comfortable circle lenses due to dry eyes, they will make you fully satisfied!  ★★★ The best part is that they are only $8.00 for a pair ★★★ Now do you need more details?  This sale offers you with 5 types of lenses  composed of blue, brown, gray, green and violet.  All of them are produced by Neo Vision, which is the most authentic circle lens manufacturer from our 10-year-experience in color contacts business.  Want to know how they appear? Take a look at the below images!   1. Neo 3 tone blue circle lenses 2. Neo 3 tone brown circle lenses 3. Neo 3 tone gray circle lenses 4. Neo 3

K-Pop Star's Hime Cut Hairstyles

One of hottest hairstyle trends among Korean girl group is Hime Cut! Haven't you heard of it before? It's a hairstyle consisting of straight, usually cheek-length sidelocks and frontal fringe.  The rest of the hair is usually worm long and straight.  For more details about it, please click here! =]  Irene's Hime Cut! Of course, there are no hairstyles that don't fit on her! She really looks like a princess! Yuju is a member of Girl Friend which is a six-member girl group and  won several 2015 female rookie awards.   I would like to say that she is the prettiest member. lol  She tried wavy hime cut hairstyle~★  It goes well with doll like makeup with pale skin~★  What about this combination of hime cut and ombre!  Is it great too?!!  While looking at the below pic,  I happen to think that it bothers my cheek a lot! haha Need tips for Hime Cut styling? Click the video! 

Kawaii Box Lunch Selection

Spring is right around the corner. When cherry blossoms bloom, I go on a picnic date! =] The best part of picnic is box lunch! Yay!  Kawaii Box Lunch Selection ♡ Welcome, Spring! =]

Black Pink Fashion & Makeup Style

Hello, there. =]  Do you want to steal the show??  Check out Black Pink's fashion and makeup styles!!  Black Pink is one of the hottest K-Pop girl groups.  They debuted with the single album and the title track was "Whistle". Black Pink looks stylish & hot but still adorable - ♡ That's why I couldn't take my eyes off on them from the first time! Let's take a look at New K-Pop Star, Black Pink!   ★ Jisoo ★ Jennie ★ Rose ★ Lisa  ♡ Black Pink ♡

Pudding Club: Must-Buy Delicious Souvenirs From Japan

Hello, there. =]  Almost of our staff members are from Japan and our boss is a Japanese too.  So today, I waited to share a good information if you'd like!  Actually, he brought them from his business trip to Japan. lol Would you like to buy food souvenirs from Japan?  It's called "Pudding Club"! It's very soft and not too sweet!  Kawaii and tasty souvenirs! hehe 

Sharing Ideas About Nail Art Designs! =]

TGIF! YAY!!  It's time for new nails! =] For like me, I would like to share some nail arts ideas!  The below is the hottest nail designs! hehe  ♥ Can't wait to try ♥