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What is Your Favorite Flavor?(๑´ڡ`๑)

It's getting realllllllly HOT in Korea ☀ I can feel Summer with all my body! This hot weather reminds me of Icecream everyday   You'll all probably know Baskin Robbins 31 , right?     Today I feel like having all flavors of Baskin Robbins! But... I gotta choose some of them hehe These are my  Top 5 Flavors   Mint Chocolate Chip      Cherries Jubilee   Green Tea Tiramisu     Veggie Fruits Sherbet Puss in Boots        Tada♬ Sweeeeeeeet, Yummmmmmmy Icecream!!     To get rid ot this hot weather stress, I found pretty lenses that  perfectly match  those Top 5 flavors of icecream!       Chocomint Gray   Nada Pink    Marie Green     Vona Pink   Frovia 3G1 Hazel         Now I feel So Much Cooler⛅ What about you? :^)     Try to find your favorite flavor @    

Dreamlike Color On Your Hair✏

A lot of girls change their hair color for refreshment.   So for those who wish to get SUPER REFRESHMENT, here I recommend a fantastic hair style!     Ombre hair (a.k.a Dip dye / Two tone / Gradation hair)     Blonde           Pink           Violet                 Green             Blue         ✬    Looks goooorgeous, aren't they?    ✬           If you find refreshment in changing hair color, why not with your eyes?   It is possible to have two tone, and even three tone colored eyes!!      Have a look!     BT Two Color Brown     3 Color Ardor Brown (Mini) Natural Pink

Hot Pink Nailღ

Haven't changed my nail for a while, and FINALLY I have got a new style on my hand✋              HOW DOES IT LOOK? ☺     p.s. U know what? I actually go to a nail salon that some members of Girls' Generation go to...!   Hope I can see them someday.     I'm a big fan of them=)


I love flowers very much ❤ Many of my dresses in the closet have flowery patterns :) I think flower pattern gives really feminine and girlish image What do you think?  (◕‿◕✿)   Did you know that there are contact lenses that are in   flowery design ? Here, I'll introduce you! ✱_✱   Soony Brown Nudy Pink   Marie Violet 3G1 Blue Magic 2 Green Dream Hush Black   Walkure Brown