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Winter fashionable Gloves~★

So cold, cold and cold in Korea!  How's other countries?  Are there any warm counties?  Let me know! I need to move there!  Without winter gloves, I can not go out. However, I don't want to be in fashion still. kkk So I selected some fashionable gloves that make me look stylish!  Animal print gloves catch your eyes and keep warm this winter at the same time . Vivid red adds a pop to those leopard print gloves!   You can't live without mobile phone in a second? Those cute fur fingerless gloves/warmers would give you freedom♡ Sky blue knitted gloves make your look more feminine~!   You are a big fan of flower print?  Right for you, someone created it! kk what are those gloves?  Design looks so unique!  But it's not my taste! lol  Leather gloves are the classic!  Leather gloves in various color!  What's your choice? =] I wanted to say Good Bye Winter soon. hh

[Winter Looks] Camel Coats and Jackets

Which color is the best for daily winter looks?  I definitely say, it's camel!! =]  You know why?  Because, it won't make me sick and tired by the color! Also, camel coats or jackets go greatly well with almost looks and styles!  Feminine or casual? School or office? Whatever you want, they can help you!  I am 100% sure that!! hehe  Want to look feminine with camel coats and jackets?  Camel coats and jacket goes well with casual looks and styles.  Thanks. =] 

The easiest way to get free circle lenses♡

Hello, this is Hiromi, a manager of circle lenses online store. =]  Merry Christmas Eve, all~♪ It also meant that there are just a week left before 2016.  How do you guys usually feel during this season? I felt sad a little.  Looking back 2015 on me, I have been really busy and busy working.  hope, for the coming 2016, I would like to change myself to holy awesome new one! I believe that there are lost of e-circlelens customers like me. So, e-circlelens prepared a special event to support your new year and look, as greeting 2016♡   1. How to participate:  Write a memo here about your  ①new year wish,   ②wish circle lenses&reason   (※Only for members ※) 2. Enrollment Periods:  December 24 through 31, 2015 (A week)   3. Who's the winners: 5 participators will be chosen in the lottery   4. Prizes: A free pair of circle lenses you wish  5. Announcement:  Here and January 5, 2016   Thanks for being with e-circlelens for th

Park Shin Hye's Feminine Fashion Styles

Park Shin Hye is a South Korean actress.  She is known for babe-faced beauty. =]  Because of it? She still greatly plays a roll of a high school student.  Park Shin Hey tried various fashion styles  and now she finally realized that  feminine looks fit for her~!  One more, she lost lost of weight!  If you need tips to look more feminine, Park Shin Hye will give you the right answers for it!  What's her real life fashion styles?  Park Shin Hye looks so young and cute!  I need that hair band for this end of year party! lol  Winter fashion?  Down jacket is the best of the best choice!  Airport fashion styles of Park Shin Hye♡

[Korean Drama Fashion] Choi Ji Woo in Temptation

Hello~♡  It's raining in Korea.   While looking at raining down, I feel like I am a lady. lol  So I chose Choi Ji Woo's feminine and elegant look and fashion  in Korean Drama as today's post~!  Enjoy her fashion and in the mean time, guess how old she is. =]  Choi Ji Woo is in early forties now. But she's still beautiful!