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[K-Pop Star Fashion] SNSD Yoona's Airport Fashion

Who's your fave member of girl's generation? =]  I love Taeyeon the most!  However, my boyfriend is a big fan of Yoona's!  For him, I posted Yoona's airport fashion styles! lol 

[Korea Drama Fashion: Another Oh Hae young] Seo Hyun Jin

Seo Hyun Jin debuted as a member of K-Pop girl group, which belongs to SM entertainment.   However, she is now an actress.  It has been quite good till now.  On dramas, she looks so adorable. =]  Let's check out her fashion on her new drama, "another Oh Hae Young"~! 

[Korea Drama Fashion: A Gentleman's Dignity] Kim Ha Neul

Hello! =] One of my favorite actress in Korea is Kim Ha Neul. She has such an innocent and feminine mood, which attract many people.  On A Gentleman's Dignity, Korean drama,  check out Kim Ha Neul's styles and looks★ 

K-Pop Star: Sulli Fashion & Makeup

Today's post is about Sulli's fashion and makeup♡ Sulli's Halloween Costume  Girly and innocent♡ Sulli loves lipsticks! =]