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Selection of Suzy Wearing Gray Circle Lens★

Suzy is a South Korean singer and actress.  She is best know for a big fan of gray circle lenses since she's a middle school student!  So it's not difficult fiding her pics wearing gray circle contacts.  Have a look at her looks! =] Even in her real life, she's enjoying wearing gray circle lenses! =] Want to try gray big eye circle contact lenses? Please click the below pic for browsing the largest selection of gray circle lens~♪ 

Goo Hara Wearing Circle Lenses

Goo Hara is my fave K-Pop star who look like dolls! =] 

[Fashion on Korean Drama] Park Shin Hye Outfits on Dortors

Park Shin Hye is best know for one of South Korean actresses with beautiful brown eyes On her new drama Doctors, I was able to fall in love with her eyes again.