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Stadium Jumper Styles

One of my fave fashion item is a stadium jumper. Stadium jumpers are not only for sports athletes or students anymore. They go very well with formal or feminine looks, too. =] Let's take a look at various of styles of stadium jumpers!  You're not a student anymore but you miss that time, just try "stadium jumpers" with sweatshirts, which brings you on a campus. lol She looks so casual in a stadium jumper. =] They wear the same stadium jumpers ♡ Cute couple ♡ Want to enjoy stadium jumper in a more feminine or formal way?  Black turtle neck and leather skirt with a stadium jumper~! The leather black strap watch made her look so classic and formal.  Btw, I love her smile.  Spangle dress and stadium jumper?  Their match is not bad!  It's Winter there,  How about wear a stadium jumper with fur scarves?  Bold floral necklace? Vivid color stadium jumpers! 

White Lace Dresses Selection♡

Hello! =] Today's post is a selection of beautiful white lace dresses, As it includes long, middle and short dresses, choose from the large selection of white lace dress.  Why don't you achieve innocent and feminine fashion styles  with these white lace dress selection.  

New Hanbok Styles: Modern Korean Traditional Dresses

I would like to post "Modern Hanbok Style"!  Have you heard of Hanbok?  Hanbok means Korean traditional clothing.  As time goes by, modern designers would started to create new styles of hanbok.  Let's take a look at modern Korean traditional dress! 

Kawaii Japanese Girl Idol having beautiful eyes♡

I would like to post Kawaii Japanese Girl Idol having beautiful dolly brown eyes like circle lenses!  First, Miru Shiroma has light and chocolate brown eyes!  She doesn't need to wear circle lenses or cosmetic lenses!  What about Kanna Hashimoto? Wahh! She looks like an alive doll!! Look at her hazel eyes! So kawaii!!  They are so kawaii!!  I really want to have those beautiful dolly brown eyes like them♡