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[Korean Drama Fashion] Song Hye-kyo in Descendants of the Sun

If you ask me who is the most beautiful actress in Korea, I would say Song Hye Kyo!  She was born in 1981 but still looks like early 20's.  Now, her new TV drama, Descendants of the Sun is being on air.  You can't imagine how beautiful she is in "Descendants of the Sun" All about her fashion styles, accessories and makeup is enough to catch everyone's eye! I am sure that you will be falling in love with her! hehe  You want to see her more? Check our her Instagram!

[Global Fashion Blogger] Shea Marie Fashion Styles

Shea Marie is one of my fave fashionista.  Only four years ago, Shea Marie was just an intern stylist running blog.  The blog completely changed her life!  Shea Marie is called "Style Chameleon", as she always tries "new fashion" that features her own identity and inspiration. Shea Marie's Blog Shea Marie's Instagram Let's have a short glimpse of her fashion and life styles! =]  Shea Marie's Blog Shea Marie's Instagram * All pics are from her blog or Instagram *