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[Fashion on Korean Drama] Jeon Do Yeon Outfits on "Good Wife"

Jeon Do Yeon is a South Koran actress who has won many awards in her career.  Do you want to try a Korean film? Are you a person who make a choice for a movie from who's starred on it? You can choose any ones, on which she's starred.  Because she will never let you down.  She's the best always.    She spent many years starring in movies, so it's hard to see her in television dramas.  However, she's back on TV drama after a so long tim and still beautful. =]  on Good Wife, she shows not only wonderful performance but also awesome outfits.     The below pics from my fave movie that she's starred, "You're my sunshine". 

Brown-Eyed Celebs, Han Hyo Joo Outfits W (Korean Drama)

"W" is the hottest drama among on air in South Korea now. Han Hyo Joo's playing a leading role in the TV drama W and her pretty outfits are adding more fun and pleasure in it!!  Let's have a look at her best style. =]  Han Hyo Joo is aslo known for her beautiful hazel/brown eyes. Accordingly, she becomes face of Acuvue, Contact Lenses Brand! lol Brown colored eyes are the result of a very high concentration of melanin in the iris storm. Brown is a dominant eye color for humans in various parts of the world, inclding Asia. But her brown eyes are the best ever to me.