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Recommended Lens Series for Autumn❦

Many of our customers have good reputations about Amor Series!   Beautiful warm-colored contacts with comfy feeling would be the best item for preparing Autumn.   Why do you only change the way of clothing when season changes?   Change your eyes too, to welcome the New Season         Amor Brown       Amor Gray       Amor Blue     Amor Violet       Amor Green   Quick Link to Amor Series ▼ We ♥ your eyes

Summer Vacation☀☁

It's officially vacation season in Korea! I was also away for a few days:D Luckily it was warm last week, but it's getting colder and colder recently. I want to enjoy Beautiful Blue view at the Beach more, before the Summer is gone.                         Meet Beautiful Blue Lenses here      

[Evⓔnt] @ e-circle✰

    Find special designs of lenses that are only at For Free Shipping Fee ! ♪(*´∀`)       The most Popular series, Aida Brown & Aida Gray       For your shiny eyes, Spark Series         The lens of noble birth, Noble Series            Se7en Unique Items are all on Evⓔnt Until 10 August (Plano, Myopia, Hyperopia, Toric Available)         ☛ Do not miss this BIG chance, girls ☚    

Lovely Odd-Eyed Animals ੦ܫ⊙

Anyone has heard of Odd-eyes?   It means when someone is born with two different color eyes. (Refer to previous posting : Heterochromia iridum   When I was young, I wish I had eyes of two different colors because it looked really beautiful to me, and also very marvelous      Today's posting is, pictures of adorable odd-eyed animals   Enjoy!                  You can try different color contact lens on your eyes, and see how it looks on you ;) ❤