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SNSD Bag Collection

I would like to share SNSD's bag collection today!  What bags SNSD pick for their styles?  Taeyeon and Tiffany wore Louisquatorze mini cross bags.  What do you want to choose Green or Red bag?  I will pick red bag! =]   Emerald Green Mini Cross Bag Vibrant Red Mini Cross Bag!  I prefer red one as Tiffany!  Yoona picked black bag of Lovecat.  Black shoulder bag can be used as clutch too.  Black bags go well with every kind of styles.  Adorable yellow mini bag from RosaK was picked by cute girl, Taeyeon!  The yellow bag adds vividness to her look!  What about Mint bag? hehe   Sooyoung chose Coach!  Mini cross bag made her look so cute and kawaii, even though she's so tall.♡  Love SNSD♡

Be Unique with Fashion Socks

Lately I have focused on how detailed my daily fashion look can be.  It's about Socks!  Especially, winter kindly does not allow us to be in fashion.  However, with fashion socks, we can get our look unique and fashionable.  Check out my lists of fashion socks. 

Winter Fashion Item: Bustier Dress

It's so cold here in Korea now, which lasts over 3 months. No way..   During Winter, I should sadly give up being fashionable.  But, with bustier dress, I can still be in fashion. hehe  To me,  white and black striped turtleneck and baby pink bustier dress look perfect!  Do you have white turtle neck? It goes well with suede bustier dress!  Light brown suede bustier dress What about shirts with Bustier dress? Purple suede bustier dress with beige turtle neck-!  Bustier dress will make you sexy and girly at the same time♡ Grey/Gray Bustier Dress Dark green bustier dress!  Let's be in fashion in Winter! hehe 

Fashion in Gossip Girl

I love the Fashions in Gossip Girl♡  Hope their fashions and styles give you inspirations!  Thanks for your time♡

Korean Fashionistar: Lee Chung-ah

I would like to introduce one of Korean fashionista to you guys! =]  Lee Chung Ah is actress.  Truth be told, Lee Chung Ah is not my favorite actress. kk BUT, I do love her fashion a lot!  Please see the below!  First, let's go with her real way looks and styles!  What about her fashion in media??  I think, Lee Chung Ah is good at remedy for weakness in her short height, which might be the one of the reasons I like her fashion! hehe 

[Girly Look/fashion] Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Yoo Jung is teen-aged star in Korean! She's an actress! =]  I like her girly look and fashion so much!