The Last "Bok" Day

Hello Everyone!
This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

Yesterday was the last "Bok" day here in Korea.
In Korea, we have 3 "Bok" days during summer and you are supposed to eat some energy boosting food on that day...usually MEAT!

Last night we all went out for "smoked Duck"..mmmm it was YAMMY!!

OK, here we have smoked duck with steamed vegetables.
You wrap the duck with those vegetables, dip in yellow garlic sauce or mustard is heaven, really.

The black pot on the left hand side is "loach soup". YES, loach soup it is.
(for those who doesn't know what it is, click here

Oh, you've never tried it? Try it! It's gooood for your health!


  1. Looks delicious. :) I love reading your blog.

  2. Hello! Thanks for your comment! We will continue to introduce more of Korean stuff from Seoul!


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