Amanda Seyfried: All about her Fashion =]

Hello, there. =]
I would like to post about Amanda Seyfried! 

When I first saw her in the musical feature film Mamma Mia! 
To my mind, the film was remembered as her shiny blond hair and beautiful smile. 

Want to listen to her song? lol 

 I seriously considered getting my hair done like her! 
In the film In Time, she looks like a doll! 

If you see her in innocent and feminine air,
try "Letters to Juliet" 

I love this pictorial of her! 
Look at her green eyes♥♥♥

When she was visited to Korea,
her pink lace-embellished is so pretty! 

Okay, now, we will move to her real life look?

If you want to be closer to her,
click the below! 

Amanda Seyfried tiwitter: 
Amanda Seyfried Instagram

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