I'm back with another review.  I'm super excited to share one of our  beauty product in e-circlelens.
This spray is cool and easy to use smoothly. I keep one in my office bag and one at home. 
Here are some of our beauty tips we will share to get glowing and flawless skin.

Flawless skin doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it takes a little patience.

Bright like the sun skin comes from within, and this means hard work.
So, no worries on how to achieve luminous, vibrant skin. We’re sharing some of our top beauty tips for skin, right here! 

Good Eating Habits

The pursuit of how to get beautiful skin doesn’t start with your makeup. It doesn’t even start with skincare. It begins with what you feed your body.

Even a queen has to eat her dark, green leafy veggies. Therefore, a diet of salty and sugary processed foods is not a good ideas.

Hey there, Beauty. Sleep!

There is a reason you keep hearing about the magic number eight.

Eight-hours of sleep. Eight glasses of water.

But, true story: sleep is good for you.

Tools of the Trade

If you want flawless skin, make sure your makeup brushes and other tools are clean.

You can do everything right — eat healthy, hydrate and cleanse — but, it’s not worth it if you end up dropping the ball with dirty makeup brushes.


It's Skin 2PM -  Grapefruit Facial Mist Bright

Close your eyes and spray an appropriate amount (2-3 times) at a distance of about 30cm
from the face by absorption helps skin dryness and whenever you feel fatigue often.
Can be used as a substitute for toner morning and evening after cleansing.
you may use after makeup helps keep your skin looks fluffy. 

★ Product Description ★
Spray type of mist that delivers moisture to skin instantly.
You can use it daily as toner.

☆ How to use ☆
Spray moderate amount (2 – 3 times) 30 cm away from your face.  
Apply before and after your make-up or whenever you feel dryness.

★ Skin type ★
All skin type

Thank you for reading. 


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