Sooooo Cold!

Hello Everyone!
This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

It's been like 20-30F degrees in Seoul for the last few days.

And it's started snowing....

So we took out a Xmas tree.....

And we are planning on a Xmas sale.....


  1. hello :)* i've just discovered your site! im quite interested in buying the orchid brown dueba, i usually buy from other online sites but i cant seem to find this style. i was wondering if u could do any posts on it, i just want to see a few more pictures on it before i buy! thanks from australia:) x

  2. Dear hearofpearl, Thanx for your commnet! No problem, we will do a posts on "Orchid Brown" soon! It's so nice to know someone so far away is commenting on our blog....isn't it summer now down there?

  3. thanks for your reply! it is summer here, though melbourne weather is crazy.. raining in summer haha. I really love how you've got a blog with your business and also how you use your own models to show the true colours. I think you've just found a new customer :D looking forward to your orchid brown post! is that the nancho flower one? im looking for that style! thank you xx


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