Circle lens for Green eyes

Hello Everyone!

This is Hiromi from in Seoul, Korea.

Our model, Heju, is a Korean and she has dark brown eyes, but we know that a lot of our customers are not Asian and have difficult time figuring out how those lenses will look when they wear it......

So today we'll give you some idea of how circle lenses will look on Caucasian eyes.

Our Caucasian model, Angela is from Russia and she has green eyes.

And this is her wearing
Marie Violet.

Also, here are some samples for wearing Black and Brown lenses;

And now, our favorite is Violet from Australia!

This time she is trying on
Belita Blue and Super Star Blue !

She also has lovely big green eyes.....

so cute, you really want to check out her blog!!

Violet's BLOG.


  1. :D Thank you so much for linking me! Angela is so beautiful!


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