Dali or Monet?

Hello Everyone!

This is Hiromi from
e-circlelens.com in Seoul, Korea.

One of maufacturer, Neo Vision has many natual looking circle lenses such as , Dali Brown, Dali Extra Brown, Dali II amd Monet Brown.....and a lot of our customers seems to be confused when it comes to "how natural, and which on looks the most natural??".....so we put 4 lens pictures side by side to compare the differece.

Well, Dali Extra Brown has the largest enlarging effect, and makes your eyes look slightly lighter when you have dark brown eyes.

Dali Brown, which has leaet colored part, is best when it comes to oxygen supply to your eyes, and does not change your eye color.

Dali II 's edge is not so sharp as other Dali series, so I would say this one will make your eyes look really naturally bigger, as if you are not wearing circle leses...and yes, this one make your eyes look slightly lighter when you have dark brown eyes, just like Dali Extra Brown.

OK, then Monet Brown....this one's diameter of colored part is really small, people with big eyes (iris) might not see any eye enlarging effect. Monet Brown is for those who has small eyes and want to give a little lighter effect.

Above Neo Vision lenses can be made into BC8.4, 8.6 and 8.8 with no extra charge.
Please note! It is REALLY REALLY important to know your prescription.....even though you don't need any eye sight correction, you have to wear lenses that will FIT your eyes.
For more information, please see our FAQ by clicking below link!


  1. Hello,
    So what is the order from smallest to largest diameter of the lenses?


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