The easiest way to get free circle lenses♡

Hello, this is Hiromi, a manager of circle lenses online store. =] 
Merry Christmas Eve, all~♪
It also meant that there are just a week left before 2016. 
How do you guys usually feel during this season? I felt sad a little. 
Looking back 2015 on me, I have been really busy and busy working. 
hope, for the coming 2016, I would like to change myself to holy awesome new one!
I believe that there are lost of e-circlelens customers like me.

So, e-circlelens prepared a special event to support your new year and look, as greeting 2016♡  

1. How to participate: 
Write a memo here about your ①new year wish, ②wish circle lenses&reason 
(※Only for members※)

2. Enrollment Periods: 
December 24 through 31, 2015 (A week)  

3. Who's the winners:
5 participators will be chosen in the lottery  

4. Prizes:
A free pair of circle lenses you wish 

5. Announcement: 
Here and January 5, 2016  

Thanks for being with e-circlelens for this year and hope to see you on next year♡
e-circlelens sincerely appreciated your supports. 


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