End of Year Party Look/Style Ideas ♪

Adieu, 2015♡
It's getting closer to the end of this year~! 
  It means that there might be lots of gatherings. 
So I prepared ideas for your end of year party look♡

She looks so cute~! 
Like her why don't you try big ribbon hair band for a party? 
Her tights are kawaii too! lol 


Mickey mouse hat pops up you at a party~! kk


Simple red dress! 
Clutch is so nice on her look! 


Beautiful lady♡


Let's be bling bling~☆★
Are you a fan of stars? hehe

Feminine and romantic look/style~!
Love the deep blue/violet color~♥


The clutch is very pretty but it doesn't work for me~~
Because it's too small for a end of year party~! lol

It's too much?
Yes, I think so.. lol

Oh! It's perfect for my taste! 
Everything looks so beautiful and gorgeous♡

Yeah,, I know..
It's too much big ribbon lol
But I like the look hehe 


Switch my eyes into green? hehe  

Have a wonderful end of year, all♡ 
Bye Bye 2015 and welcome 2016♡


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