2015 Oscar Red Carpet Dresses :)

 Girls!! Did you catch 2015 Oscar?
As always, I look forward to red carpet dresses!

Among many dresses, green-colored dresses
captured my eyes!!
Super awesome they are!!

Red Carpet Dress, Petricia Arquette, Green dress
Petricia Arquette looks elegant and stunning
with her green dress!
She is the best dresser to me!!
Red Carpet Dress, Scarlett Johansson, Green dress
Scarlett Johansson's dress is also awesome as well.
Dark and deep green color
makes her look more beautiful.
Red Carpet Dress, Scarlett Johansson, Petricia Arquette, Green dress
Their dresses go well with their eye color!!
So!! I set green color contacts for you! :)
Neo 3 Color Green Contacts
"Color and design is very pretty!"
For both of toric and hyperotia.

Marie Green Contacts
"Comfortable and natural looking!"

We your eyes




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