Do you know SHINee?

From the day of their debut with song
'Replay (Noona You're So Pretty)',
I was a really BIG fan of SHINee
 The group consists of 5 members;
Onew- the leader, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and
Taemin- the youngest.
Today I would like to share some pictures of them wearing colored circle lenses when they are
on stage, in MV or taking selfies; )
Jonghyun with gray colored lenses ▼
Key with hazel colored lenses ▼
렌즈하면 떠오르는 아이돌(feat.컬러렌즈)
 Taemin with natural brown colored lenses ▼
렌즈하면 떠오르는 아이돌(feat.컬러렌즈)
If you also want shiny eyes like SHINee,
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Link to Gray Contacts; 
Link to Brown Contacts;
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