The Raddest Liner Look For Your Eye Shape

Eyeliner is one of the great makeup-bag equalizers.
According to your eye shape,
liner styles should be different.
Monolid Eyes
Monolid eyes tend to be small,
so people tend to try to make them look bigger by faking a crease
Monolid Eyes at
It looks good in a photograph,
but in real life, it’s too much.
 So, you really just need a very simple line
to enhance the coolness of this shape
Monolid Eyes at
Hooded Eyes
They sometimes look heavy,
because of the way the eyelid sits.
People with these kinds of lids can attest
that their deep creases can sometimes
give their eyes a sunken, tired vibe, even if that’s not the case.
Hooded Eyes at
Almond Eyes
 This is a very typical, classic shape.
 Pretty much anything looks good with almond eyes.
Just follow the natural eye shape.
 Almond Eyes at
Making the wing longer is more fun!
Almond Eyes at
Hope it would help ♡
All photos have where they are from.


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