Vibrant and natural eyes effect

Natural/ Innocent Eye Effect

Today, We will share our different type of lenses that will help you to look more natural looking .

Ring 2 Brown Contacts

Those ring 2 brown cirlcle lenses will compete your natural looking.

Those circle lenses are very light brown and fade into a black rim around the outside. The fading design is both charming and realistic with soft enlargement effect! 

Best Natural Looking Circle Lenses 

For Light Brown Eyes 

Nice Natural Brown Circle Lenses: Dark Brown Circle Lens for Big Oriental Eyes. This one is perfect if you are looking for natural, unnoticeable cosmetic contact lens.

Cloud brown circle lenses will add some big eye effect and natural brown eye effect at the same time.



Ring 2 Brown Contacts  -
Aida Brown Contacts -
Dali Brown Contacts -
Cloud Brown Contacts -


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