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The Best Contacts For Glamorous Looking Eyes,
'Soony Gray Contacts'.
See the amazing effect by Soony Gray
(Reviewed by a young & sweet blogger, Reygene Cruz)

 Wearing Soony Gray under natural light
Wearing Soony Gray on one side
Look how Reygene's fabulous make up matches well
with Soony Gray Contacts.

Reygene mentioned,
"Yay! For color and comfort, I rate this 5/5 :D" in her reivew.
She said that all the hours passed while she was wearing this make and lenses,
she didn't feel any driness!!
She also said that although the diameter of the lens is just 14.00mm, the lenses definitely did enlarge her eyes with the dark rim around the lenses, which gives off a 'Doll Eye Effect'!

So, guess what?
Reygene again mentioned, "For enlargement, I give this lenses 5/5!".

Click the image to read
Reygene's real review on her blog▼
TIP: You can buy Soony Gray Contacts
@ HALF the original price until 15 January, 2015!
(Myopia, Hyperopia & Toric)
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