Brown VS Gray, what's your choice?

The most popular color choice by contact lens users, Brown!
Soft & deep rich brown colored eyes can be yours
when you wear these charming brown contact lenses.
For those who wants to add warmth and emotion to your look, try these lovely chocolate colors.
Whatever your natural eye color is,
'Brown' will blend naturally.

If you prefer natural colored contacts for everyday wear, but still can not give up of glamorous and sultry eyes...
Why not try gray colored contacts?
Silverish and shimmering gray color will give a little spice to your eyes that everyone will envy and admire.
Join the minority and celebrate the delicate beauty of 'Gray' colored eyes.

Brown Colored Contacts VS Gray Colored Contacts,
which one do you prefer?

① Shop Brown Colored Contacts:
② Shop Gray Colored Contacts:
We your eyes


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