Lens Review : JS Stella Brown

Wear wonderful brown gradation color on your eyes.

Stella Brown of JS Contact.
The following is an actual review of Stella Brown
from a girl in France,
Marie Zannou♥
Hope our readers will get some tips from this posting;)



Shipping: NORMAL.
Ordered on 22nd October,
arrived on 10th November
Presentation: YES!
And a cute box lens



Photo without lenses 



With lenses (at the sun light)


Comfort: YES 9/10
 Opacity (on the light brown eyes): YES 9/10
 Design: Nothing special, simple, good! YES 10/10


It’s really good lenses if you want a natural effect
For just enhance the color of your eyes,
that’s PER-FECT.
If you want bigger effect, more dolly,
I think you should choose the lenses of 15mm diameter.

 Cœur noir (cartes) Using Cycle Period: 1 yearCœur noir (cartes)

 My trick: If  the the color of your eye is blue, brown, green, black… Choosing lenses having  the same color of your eyes could give you something more inpressive
(I wanna say CAT EYES haha).
People  will certainly ask you if it’s your real eyes.
They will doubt, THAT SURE héhé ! 
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