Wanna get bigger eyes? ●_●

Girls always wish to be skinnier, prettier
so that they can be happier, right?
Even I think like that too!!
To be like what WE visualizing,
we can workout, eat less, take care of our skin,
spend time on dressing up, put make up and all that.
But you know that it is not so easy to get bigger eyes
without putting make up or get a double eyelid surgery.
Because big eyes make image much brighter & prettier,
girls want 'Big eyes like a doll'.
Make up could help, plastic surgery could help too,
but there's a simple way to get bigger eyes
without spending a long time!
By just wearing circle lenses,
anyone can have big eyes>_<
I will show you how circle lenses work on eyes,
and how much effect it could bring!

Take a look at the pictures below:)
These cute kitties will turn into even cuter kitties
How does it look?
Aren't they adorable?

By spending about 1-2 minutes can ABSOULUTELY change an image!

Am I pretty?

Try circle lenses on your eyes too,
and see the amazing effect!
Recommended items with 'Big Diameter'
Walkure Brown that yellow kitty is wearing:
Belita Black:
Joy Gray:
3 Color Ardor Violet:
Daisy Pink:
Belita Green:
We your eyes


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