Review of ICK Fresh Gray & Brown

See the natural and vibrant color effect by
ICK Fresh Series
Most of our customers give 5 stars out of 5 '★★★★★'
after trying Fresh Lenses!
ID "vickyW" gave 5 stars for Fresh Blue and commented, the lenses are unique and pretty that were more comfortable than she expected.

 ID "kkkkim" said, she was fully satisfied with the lenses' color and design after trying Fresh Green and also gave  5 stars.
ID "Junejian" gave  5 stars too for Fresh Violet with a comment that she wants all colors of the Fresh Series!
Check more detailed review with photos by Rox,
a beautiful blogger in Netherlands!
She gave a review in depth that would be helpful for many contact lens users♥
Shop Fresh Gray
Shop Fresh Brown
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You can save up to 50% off the price!
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