Natural Brown Lens Series

A lot of contact lens users may know the brand
'Neo Vision'
as it provides quality lenses in a wide variety,
for all types of eyes.

Many people seem to prefer natural color recently
as we are often asked about Neo Vision's lenses regarding the "Naturalness".

So for those who are confused when choosing among natural colored lenses from Neo Vision,
here we give some tips for you to make
Quicker & Easier decision;)

We will compare the FOUR most natural
brown colored contacts which are;
Dali Extra Brown Contacts, Dali Brown Contacts,
Dali II Contacts and Monet Brown Contacts
by putting pictures in a row with a short comment
to see the differences.
1. Dali Extra Brown Contacts
Well, Dali Extra Brown has the largest enlargement with a wide brown part that covers almost 70% of the eyes (iris), so it can bring an effect that can make eyes look slightly lighter.
2. Dali Brown Contacts
Dali Brown has the least colored part so it is the best to supply oxygen to your eyes,
and does not change your eye color a lot as it only has a brown ring on the edge.
 2. Dali II Contacts

Dali II 's edge is not so sharp as other Dali series,
so it will make your eyes look naturally bigger as if you are not wearing circle lenses.
And yes, this one also make your eyes look a bit lighter, but not as Dali Extra Brown does.
4. Monet Brown Contacts
Lastly Monet Brown!
This one's diameter of colored part is really small.
So for the people with big eyes (iris)
might not see any enlarging effect.
Monet Brown, we recommend for those who has small eyes and want to make eyes look bigger with a little lighter color effect.
Tips: Neo Vision lenses can be made into
BC 8.2, 8.4, 8.6 and 8.8 with no extra charge!

*Important Notes to everyone:
You have to be sure of your prescription!
It is REALLY important to know your prescription before placing an order even if you don't need any vision correction, because you still need to know your eye's base curve for the best fit.
When you need a vision correction, we need your power for both eyes in soft contact lens prescription.
It is best if you saw a doctor before ordering a contact lens to be sure if you are a good candidate for a colored contact lens, to get proper instructions,
and to receive follow up care.
If you have a prescription that is more than 2 years old, you should be reexamined before placing an order.
 If your prescription is less than 2 years old and you are starting to notice some changes in your vision,
you should be reexamined as well. 
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Shop: Monet Brown
We your eyes


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