[Fashion] Beautiful dress inspired by nature

Many designers are deeply impressed
with the beauties of nature.
Nature often provides artists a flash of inspiration.
That's why many artists love going on a trip to kind of exotic place.
Like a magic,
Inspiration bursts upon them. =)
Thanks to great genius,
we are blessed with beautiful creatures
in fhashion industry.  
A calm and placid sea toward evening
  makes amzing harmony.  
Beauty of reflexion of light under water
Loot at that fantastic color.
It's going to be my favorite color combination!
So pretty!!   
It's exactly the force of nature.
How can the color be possible?

We can meet galactic cluster on runway.
Freaking amazing♡ 

The dress  was inspired by a flaming sunset.
It seems to be a watercolor paint.
I want to get it!!!  
All of them is so fantastic, isn't it?
I felt so happy
with these great works.
Love nature ♡


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