What is Anime Matsuri ? =]

Hello. =]
Have you heard of
Anime matsuri?
Anime Matsuri is
an annual anime, Japaneses and related arts convention
based in Houston, Texas.
It began in 2007.
Since then,
Anime Matsuri has frown to over 19,000 attendees,
and is the 9th largest anime convention in North America.

Their main evert includes
Concerts, cosplay contest
club AM and J-Fashion.
I am intereted in
Club AM and Cosplay contest.
It must be exhibit hall holding an some events.
From the photo, it looks pretty big.
Cosplay contest!
Cool ♡
Anime matsuri for this year
was already over ( April 3-5 2015 )
 but if interested,
why don't you visit to have fun.


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