[e-circlelens] Wondering Photo shoot of Color Contact Lenses?

Hi, there. :)
As I posted the other day
about new Colored Contacts
Photo shoot.
We have been still working on it 
due to something to be done more
like editing.
So I want to post the pics
that I took with digital camera
to share with you.
Her name is Liz. So pretty and cute!
She is wearing ICK Natural Gray color contact lens.
They are so perfect for daily wear.
Blue sweater looks good on her!! :)
G&G POP C Circle Lens is also brown and nice for natural look ☆
ICK POP C Gray!!
So Gorgeous Color!!
Doesn't she looks so  stunning? ♡
Gray is always the best I think!!! =]
She seems so wow!! hehe
Red lip and Violet Color Contacts are well together!!
She is wearing Neo Extra Dali 2 Violet ☆
We will try to update ASAP!!
Please hang on some more♡

Oh!! Don't forget our "Easter Egg Hunt"
★Find a hidden egg, get free lens★
We your eyes




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