[Review of circlelens] Are you looking for cosplay contact lenses in prescription?

Hello, there. :)
One of our royal customers sent
a photo of White Mesh Cosplay Contacts.
Lately we are so happy, thanks to our sweet customers.
He posted frienly review on his blog. =}

Link to his blog:

Gamora and Starlord ★
So great work ♡
You can see more awesome works on his blog!!
As I literally pass his words on blog on to you,
e-circlelens is the only website that I've found
that sell white mesh lenses in prescription.
Like he said,
we provide all
circle lenses, toric or hyperopia circle lenses, cosplay contacts
in any prescription.
10 % discount for membership on your every order!!
Come join in e-circlelens.com ♡
[ Details info. ]
White Mesh Contacts
BC: 8.7
DIA: 14.2
Water Content: 43%
3 Month disposal
No -0.25
White Mesh Contacts at e-circlelens.com
Another customer's review :)
She look so freaking cute! haha
White Mesh Contacts at e-circlelens.com
Oh!! Don't forget our "Easter Egg Hunt"
★Find a hidden egg, get free lens★
We your eyes 




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