Fashion: Tiffany Airport Fashion, Girls Generation's Member (SNSD)

Stephanie Young Hwang (born August 1, 1989), known professionally as Tiffany or Tiffany Hwang, is an American singer and actress based in South Korea. 
She is a member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation and its subgroup TTS. 

She is known for loving fashion so much! 
So there is no doubt that 
her looks are quite interesting and worth seeing!  
Let's take a look at her Airport look / Fashion / Style!

I think that Tiffany enjoy wearing vivid color outfits and lipsticks! 
Blue animal print blouson, red back and lipsitck made her pop up! 

I was told that she is obsessed with all about pink@  
Loot at her mobile phone case! haha 

She looks so innocent and girly! 

I love her legs so much!
So jealous of them! ㅠ 

I don't think that the bag goes well with her outfits! 
What does her fashion look like to your mind? ;) 

Tiffany must love red lips! 
That kind of look is super duper great on her!! 

Pink fur coat remind me of puddles! 
Looks cute♡ 

Oh! So pretty and cute cardigan! 
I would love to get that for this fall!! ;) 

Oh! light gray ones are good too!! HUMM

She didn't forget any detail with pink stuff on her look! 

Oh! Chic! 

WOW! So lovely and adorable girly looks / Fashion / Style!
Before getting older, I have to try this look!  

Love her smile! 

Love her hair! 
Worth trying! 

This pic is the best cut to my mind! 

Did you enjoy my blogging of Tiffany Airport Fashion? 
Hope you did! 
Have a great weekend!
It's TGIF~! Yai♡


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